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  • Call 1(888)901-5240 now, to kick-start a debt-free life.

Call 1(888)901-5240 now,

to kick-start a debt-free life.

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Where are we located?

At LG law firm, we don’t want to be far from you, so we have law offices all over California.
Our Los Angeles office is situated at:

601 S Figueroa St, #4050, Los Angeles, CA 90017.

What Bankruptcy services we do?

Our LG law bankruptcy Attorney in Los Angeles can handle:

They are the three main types of bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are popularly referred to as consumer bankruptcy cases.
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Once we filed for bankruptcy, a trustee will be appointed by the committee to your case, to ensure fairness between you and your creditors.

To make sure your creditor is paid their deserved amount and that you do not pay more than is required.

The trustee will review all the paper works thoroughly, evaluate the assets true worth and the exempted properties to make sure they meet the requirement for exemption.

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all the process of bankruptcy.

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Our Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is also known as Liquidation, although the name “Liquidation” can be very misleading, with many clients thinking of it as a total as the total sale of all their assets.

The truth of the matter is, except you have valuable assets, you will scale through the bankruptcy with most of your belonging.

For your Chapter 7 bankruptcy case to be successful; you have to pass the California Bankruptcy Means Test.

For you to be able to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, your income must be below the California median for the size of your household.

Call LG Law firm to help you evaluate if you are qualified for chapter 7 bankruptcy.

In chapter 7 bankruptcy your non-exempted property will be sold, which will be facilitated by the bankruptcy trustee.

They (the trustee) will sell the properties and distribute the proceeds to your creditors.

In Chapter 7 bankruptcy law, the bankruptcy trustee will be responsible for all your non-exempt belonging.

Though, some debts cannot be discharged by Chapter 7 bankruptcy, like alimony, student’s loan, child support and so on.

In a typical case, the majority of debtors are cleared their debts using chapter 7 bankruptcy, mainly because the debtor owes a big credit card debts with few assets.

Our Los Angeles bankruptcy law office will help exempt as much as your property that can be legally exempted.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be resolved quickly, compare to chapter 13 which can take up to five years.

When you called, we will look at your financial stance, and we will determine the best course of action for you, either chapter 7 bankruptcy or other alternatives.

When you called, we can:

  • Help you lower your Money bill

  • Clean out your debt

  • Help stop collection harassment

  • Stop foreclosure on your home

Call 1(888)901-5240 now to talk to a Los Angeles Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney.

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Our Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

If you are in debt and need a lot of time to pay back, then you need a chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer.

Chapter 13 is also called “wage earners” bankruptcy; it is a means for debtors with a regular source of income to start over financial.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be used to:

  • Prevent Foreclosure

  • Make up the mortgage payment

  • Reduce or Stop tax payment

Your disposable incomes are the principal determining factor used to determine the amount you will have to repay at the end of the 3 – 5 years.

You are required to plan, how you will pay back the money owed, which is within three to five years. The trustee will supervise the repayment process.

Both the trustees and the creditor will monitor all your financial transactions during this period (three to five years), while an experienced LG Law chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney will guide through all the process.

When the Plan end, your unsecured debts will be cancelled. There are many situations that creditors will only pay peanut for their unsecured debts.
In a case where the debtors have a lot of valuable assets that are non-exempt properties, and they want to secure it from foreclosure, chapter 13 bankruptcy is perfect for them.

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to kick-start a debt-free life.

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Our Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney

Chapter 13 is used to stay in business when you are swimming in an ocean of debts, that want to capsize your business.

You will run your everyday business under the supervision of the court. All your assets will be yours, and you receive protection against any form of charges by your creditors.

You can decide to cancel any unfavourable obligation that will negatively affect the daily running of your business.

When you experience this, you need a Los Angeles’s Bankruptcy Attorney

We can help you:

  • Stop all foreclosure proceedings and bankruptcy petition on your home

  • Stop every attempt to hold your vehicle

  • When you file, your creditors will need to go through us before talking to you. No annoying phone by your creditor!

  • Get a financial start over by calling us NOW!

It helps give you a flexible repayment plan, which grants you time to repay your debts.

When you filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy, the courts will agree to either help by extending the repayment date or pay less than was previously assigned.

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to kick-start a debt-free life.

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Start over with finances

The Federal Bankruptcy Act was created by the United State to protect those that can’t meet up with their financial obligations especially regarding the issue of debt management.

Filing for bankruptcy can do the following form:

  • Recover from debt

  • Get the best deal for you in your bankruptcy

  • Guide you through all the necessary step involved in the bankruptcy case

  • Save your business from collapsing

  • Get a more favourable Interest rate and so on

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to kick-start a debt-free life.

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About us

LG Law Firm was established in 1999 to help our clients get the benefits they deserved.

LG Law Firm is the perfect combination of Experience, Knowledge and Solution.

We have a combined legal experience of over 100 years, a legal team of more than thirty professional attorneys with a success rate of 99%.
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We handle cases all over California and have offices in San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County and Ontario.

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Why Us

Our team of professional and experienced thirty plus lawyers has solved a combined 12000 cases within them, with a success rate of 99%. So we have the professional experience to give your case a boost to get you the best deal.

If we are not able to settle this out of court, our team of professional lawyers have an immerse experience in going to court. So you are still in the right hands.

When you work with us, we make sure you understand every one of all our decisions at every stage to carry you along in the filing process.

Our services are distinctly unique, providing each of our clients with personalized and professional services combined with genuine care for your financial situation, these will do with hope.

Also, we provide our clients with tools that we can use to manage their finances and help them start over financially.

When you work with us, you only pay us when the case is resolved, so no out of pocket legal fee for us.

Our offices are all over California; Orange County, Los Angeles and San Diego.

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“I’ve received $400,000.00 through a Compromise and Release in addition to Medical Treatment for Life!”
-Mr. Rojas

“My insurance company wanted to close the case without the possibility of future medical treatment. LG LAW allowed me to continue seeking necessary medical treatment paid by the insurance company.”
– Mr. Avalos

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Why Us

The right question should be, why not us?

With over 12,000 cases resolved, 99% success rate and experience in taking cases to trial, which law firm will you rather trust to handle your bankruptcy case?

We have a team of over thirty experienced attorneys and legal professional that are ready to provide a professional and personalised service to our clients to get them the best deal; in any case, we also offer a free consultation to our clients.

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