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Car accidents can happen to anyone at any time. At LG Law, our primary mission is to provide legal help to victims of unfortunate accidents on the thoroughfares of Los Angeles. If you have suffered personal injury after being involved in a car accident, contact LG Law immediately at 1(888)901-5240 and get risk-free consultation with an accident lawyer in Los Angeles.

A car accident attorney from LG Law can assist regardless of how or when your accident occurred. More importantly, you will not have to worry about unwanted fees as our lawyers will never charge you if we are not able to win your case!

If you have been severely injured after a serious car accident on the streets of Los Angeles, a personal injury attorney from LG Law can come to your home or the hospital. Wherever you prefer, our accident attorneys are more than willing to come to you and provide professional legal advice.

We have expertly assisted countless individuals in the city of Los Angeles and we can help you as well. Call 1(888)901-5240 now and talk to a competent accident lawyer in Los Angeles.

Why choose us as your Los Angeles accident lawyer

In the event that you are involved in an ill-fated car accident in Los Angeles, you will need an experienced auto accident lawyer by your side. The personal injury attorneys at LG Law are guaranteed to be more than capable of helping you in case you were injured because of someone else’s negligence.

  • We won’t charge a fee if we are unable to win your case

At LG Law, there are no upfront fees as our accident attorneys operate on a contingency fee basis. This means that you will not have to worry about unwarranted fees! Our lawyers only get paid if you get paid.
Our fee is a percentage of the settlement you collect after we help you win your car accident case in court. If you do not get monetary compensation even if you are successful in your case, you will not owe our accident attorneys anything. It is that simple.

  • Our accident attorneys give full personal attention

The moment you decide to work with our firm, you will be given direct cell phone access to your assigned accident attorneys. You will be able to call us 24/7 and we will assist you on any matter from acquiring medical assistance, to repairing your car. Our lawyers will take care of everything so you can give all your attention to recovering from the accident.

  • Our accident attorneys give full personal attention

The moment you decide to work with our firm, you will be given direct cell phone access to your assigned accident attorneys. You will be able to call us 24/7 and we will assist you on any matter from acquiring medical assistance, to repairing your car. Our lawyers will take care of everything so you can give all your attention to recovering from the accident.

  • We have the most competent car accident and personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles

Once you hire a lawyer from our firm, you get top-quality legal aid from one of the most recognized car accident lawyers in the country. We have assisted a multitude of individuals in Los Angeles go through and succeed in car accident and personal injury cases. As victims of accidents, our clients only deserve the best car accident attorney on their side.

  • We are knowledgeable about laws that govern car accidents

The experienced car accident lawyers of LG Law have been helping people in Los Angeles recover compensation from road mishaps for years. Expect a lawyer from our firm to know the laws that govern car accidents by heart. Our accident attorneys are more than capable of reviewing your situation and giving you the appropriate legal advice.
Car accidents are unfortunate and costly. Get special legal attention from the best accident lawyers Los Angeles has to offer. Call 1(888)901-5240 and schedule a free consultation with the most qualified accident lawyer in Los Angeles.


The most common types of car accidents

In the city of Los Angeles, our accident attorneys have identified four of the most common cases of car accidents.

  • Rear-end accidents

Among all of the classification of car accidents, this is the most common in Los Angeles. Rear-end accidents happen when a vehicle hits the back end of another vehicle. With this type of car accident, the driver behind the other is usually at fault. Oftentimes, rear-end accidents occur because of texting while driving.

  • Low speed impact accidents

These car accidents occur when those involved were travelling below 10 mph. Accidents like these usually result in whiplash.

  • Front impact accidents

Car accidents are referred to as front impacts when a vehicle drives into a something such as a wall, a tree, or an animal.

  • Side collision accidents

When a vehicle hits the doors of another car, it is referred to as a side collision. This type of accident sometimes results to injuries like concussions or broken bones.
If you have suffered personal injury as a result of a road mishap, our Los Angeles accident attorneys are more than capable of helping you get the compensation you deserve. Work with a lawyer who is an expert in personal injury law. Call LG Law now at 1(888)901-5240 and talk to the best accident attorneys in Los Angeles.

What to do when you get into a car accident

Following an accident on the road, it is best that you acquire as much information as possible from the opposing driver. This is important as accident lawyers are most likely going to ask for every detail of the incident from your perspective. Here are some of the things you should be mindful of:

  • The opposing driver’s name, contact details, address, and license information.
  • The insurance policy of the opposing driver. Get information about the insurance company.
  • Take a picture of the opposing driver’s car. Make sure to include its plate number.
  • Write down everything you can remember from the accident. Your lawyer will require information about the incident itself such as the location where the accident occurred, the lanes you and the opposing driver were in, the directions both of you were going, the speed you were travelling at, and other related information.
  • If there were witnesses to the accident, make sure you are able to get their phone number. Car accident attorneys typically talk to witnesses themselves. A witness testimony can be of immense help to prove your case which is why it is very important that you get their contact details.
  • Wait for the police to arrive at the scene of the car accident. When talking to law enforcement, make sure you do not say something inaccurate as everything you tell them can be used against you in court.  Car accident attorneys will also order a police report to get facts about the incident.
  • Accidents often cause injuries. If you suffered injuries as a result of the incident, get medical treatment immediately. Not only will it help prevent your condition from getting worse, it gives your personal injury lawyer something to work with to prove that they were indeed caused by the road mishap.  

After you have acquired all the necessary information, an expert auto accident lawyer can assess your case and give advice on how you should proceed. At LG Law, we have the most seasoned car accident lawyers Los Angeles has! Contact us immediately at 1(888)901-5240 if you need urgent help from an accident lawyer in Los Angeles.
Car accidents can be very troublesome which is why we have prepared a quick and easy process for our clients. Start by contacting us now to schedule a free consultation with a car accident attorney.

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What victims of car accidents usually do wrong when filing a claim

Victims of car accidents who do not seek professional legal help from accident attorneys often make big mistakes when they file a car accident claim. These crucial errors usually involve victims negotiating with the opposing driver’s insurance company. When an insurance company gives a statement which may be false or inaccurate, a good auto accident lawyer would be keen enough to take note and use these statements against them in the court of law.
Accident attorneys also brief their clients to prevent them from giving out incorrect statement. When you make false or inaccurate statements, the opposing driver’s insurance company can also make you look at fault. A qualified car accident attorney can prevent this from happening.
Another crucial mistake our accident attorneys have observed is when victims do not get suggested medical treatment. In court, it can be difficult to prove that your personal injury claim is indeed related to the car accident. Getting medical treatment gives accident attorneys evidence to strengthen your claim.
Do not make the same lapses our accident attorneys have observed with many victims of car accidents! Seek help from the top car accident lawyers in Los Angeles. Contact LG Law immediately at 1(888)901-5240.

How difficult it can be to settle a car accident case

Depending on the facts of your case, it can be very hard to get settlement after a car accident case. Although every person involved in an auto accident is entitled to compensation and damages, you still have to present a strong case to prove that there was no negligence on your behalf. Another factor that should be considered in car accident cases is whether or not the opposing driver has appropriate liability insurance.
Our lawyers note that accident cases can also go smooth-sailing. For instance, if the opposing driver has $20,000 in liability insurance and the injuries you sustained require more than $20,000 with all the expenses combined, you may qualify to get the insurance policy limit. However, our seasoned lawyers also remark that accident cases can be very complex and difficult without a lawyer to represent you in court.
If you delay too long, there is a chance that you become unable to file a personal injury. In the state of California, there is a law that establishes a two-year deadline before filing a lawsuit. This means that if you plan to file a car accident lawsuit in Los Angeles, you are constrained to file a personal injury claim within two years since the incident. Although there are certain exceptions for cases such as medical malpractice or when a minor is injured, our lawyers strongly suggest that you gather all the necessary evidence as soon as possible.
It can also be very hard to strengthen your case if you do not file with urgency as important evidence such as witnesses can be gone. Proving your injuries long after the accident may also be very hard if you do not have appropriate documentation. Regardless of the situation, having a lawyer to help you in filing a car accident case will boost your chances of getting the compensation you deserve.
If you decide to pursue compensation for damages, choose to work with a lawyer who is experienced; a lawyer who is well-versed in laws governing vehicular accidents; and a lawyer who you can rely to represent you in court. Choose a firm that is dedicated to helping victims of car accidents with the lawyers Los Angeles has to offer. Contact LG Law now at 1(888)901-5240 and schedule a free consultation with a lawyer you can rely on.

What to look for when choosing a car accident lawyer in Los Angeles

When you decide to hire an accident lawyer from the city of Los Angeles, it is crucial that you pick a car accident attorney who is responsive to your needs. You are better kept in the loop when you try to develop a relationship with an accident lawyer from an established boutique law firm. In doing so, your designated lawyer can answer all your questions immediately over the phone.
Insurance companies usually have interest in paying the lowest amount in compensation as possible. This is because they earn more when they lowball a personal injury claim. These companies sometimes offer their clients involved in car accidents cash that is relatively lower than what they deserve.
Victims of accidents often do not realize that by taking the quick and easy money from their insurance company, they have effectively waived their right to litigation and just compensation. For this reason, you should seek car accident attorneys who are aggressive and will not settle for less than what you deserve.
A competent auto accident lawyer should also be proficient in personal injury law. When you suffer injuries caused by a car accident, you need a seasoned car accident attorney who knows the law, has experience and expertise.
At LG Law, we have dealt with every single insurance company in the state of California and obtained large settlements that our clients deserve. Call 1(888)901-5240 immediately and talk to one of our helpful legal representatives to schedule a free consultation with the best car accident lawyers Los Angeles can offer.

What you should prepare for a Los Angeles accident lawyer

When you hire a car accident lawyer, expect to be asked some of these very basic questions. You have to answer them as accurately as possible. An investigation into the incident will be conducted so you do not have to worry if you do not have the answers to some of the questions of your car accident attorney.

  • Where did the accident happen? To be very accurate, identify the specifics of the location.
  • Do you have the contact details of the opposing driver?
  • On which street were you driving on and what direction were you going?
  • Was the opposing driver on the correct lane?
  • Who caused the car accident?
  • What speeds were you and the opposing driver travelling at?
  • How did the accident happen?
  • Was your car having issues prior to the accident?
  • Did you acquire the contact information and insurance policy of the opposing driver?
  • Were there police officers present moments after the accident; and did you file a report? Your auto accident lawyer will request for the report if you were able to file.
  • Were there witnesses to the accident? If there were, did you secure their contact information? This is important as they can help improve the validity of your case.
  • Did you take pictures at the scene of the accident? Photographic evidence is valuable as can help strengthen your claim.What specific injuries did you suffer? To help strengthen your argument, talk to your car accident attorney about medical records on your personal injury.

Take this as a guide before talking to a car accident attorney. If you decide to hire auto accident lawyer, call LG Law at 1(888)901-5240 now! Save a fortune as we guarantee no fees unless we win your case. Work with the best accident lawyer in Los Angeles.

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What to do when you get into a work related accident

In addition to being the most competent car accident attorneys in Los Angeles, the lawyers at LG Law are also some of the best work injury attorneys in the country!
There are federal and state laws that safeguard employees’ rights when they sustain a work injury. If you sustained a work injury, be it physical or psychological in a Los Angeles workplace, the first thing you can do to make sure you are treated fairly and get benefits you are entitled to is to hire a trustworthy work injury lawyer. The accident attorneys at LG Law can help you file a personal injury lawsuit in Los Angeles to make the wrongdoers accountable for their negligence.
Our experienced work injury lawyers have helped countless individuals and families in Los Angeles receive just compensation after filing accident lawsuits. The lawyers at our firm have effectively represented numerous employees who have sustained serious work injury and even death.
LG Law’s accident attorneys are first-hand witnesses to how devastating a work injury can affect the victim and the victim’s family. Hiring a lawyer from our firm guarantees that you will be rendered professional help as all our lawyers are experts at work injury law. We have lawyers who are passionate about helping clients recover fair compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional damages.
You can rely on our Los Angeles lawyers to ensure that you and your family will get the compensation you deserve after suffering a work injury. Call us immediately at 1(888)901-5240 and allow an experienced work injury lawyer to assess your situation during a free consultation. With LG Law, we guarantee that you will get valuable help from the best work injury lawyers Los Angeles has!

Why you should hire a Los Angeles work injury lawyer

While there are many respectable employers in Los Angeles who are accountable in the event that their employees suffer injuries while at work, there are those that just want to keep their money in their pockets by misleading their employees. Getting a lawyer can help counteract the malpractices of an employer such as filing an incorrect claim and having injured workers treated outside of the law.

  • A lawyer helps safeguard your rights to medical care and benefits
  • You can depend on a lawyer  to provide you with sound legal advice
  • Acquiring the necessary evidence like medical reports and witness testimonies to strengthen your claim is much less of a hassle with the help of a lawyer
  • With a lawyer, you can keep better track of the deadlines so you can comply with them
  • You can expect your lawyer to professionally represent you in the court of law

If you sustained an injury at your workplace and feel like your employer has not been treating you fairly, it is absolutely imperative that you sit down with a work injury lawyer to get an initial evaluation of your situation. The lawyers at LG Law are definitely more than capable of assisting you get the fair compensation you deserve. Call 1(888)901-5240 now and schedule a free consultation with a qualified work injury lawyer in Los Angeles.
Get legal help from the best personal injury lawyers Los Angeles has with LG Law. Our lawyers work on a contingency fee so we only get paid if you receive compensation. If you don’t, you won’t owe us a dime! Call 1(888)901-5240 now.

Don’t Let the Insurance Companies Intimidate You

Personal injury claim in California

If you suffered injuries because of someone else’s negligence, be it in a car accident or in the workplace, you can file a claim for personal injury. A personal injury claim entitles an individual to get compensation for medical bills, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, property damages, and additional compensation for emotional damages.
A personal injury differs from a workers compensation claim. The former grants you the ability to get general damages. These damages include the monetary value associated with emotional damages such as pain, suffering, discomfort, mental and emotional distress, grief, and inconvenience.
Usually, these damages are the most valuable in a personal injury claim. This is because the value of lost income and medical treatment is not even close to the damages caused by the emotional distress that certain physical injuries cause on an individual. It can largely affect a person’s life at work, at home, as well as their personal relationships.
If you are looking to file for a personal injury claim, hire some of the most recognized accidents attorney in the country. LG Law is home to the most excellent accident lawyers Los Angeles has to offer. We are confident that we can advance your interest and help you get just compensation for your injuries.
Contact us at 1(888)901-5240 and schedule a free consultation with the best personal injury lawyers Los Angeles has!