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In the process of carrying out their work obligation, many workers in Los Angeles have sustain work accident, that is an injury that is sustained in the workplace as a result of them discharging their duty.

Accidents do happen in the workplace, the employee that get injured are never prepared for the pain, stress and loss of income that comes with a work injury, hence the workers’ compensation benefits.

The workers involved in this work injury most times are denied medical access by the company, or they have to foot their medical bills by themselves, even though they are entitled to it under the California workers’ compensation law.

Most times, the injured workers and their families feel stranded no knowing what steps to take to defend their rights and they the necessary benefits they have worked for and deserved.

These can lead the worker involved in depression and frustration. They are worrying over their lost wage as a result of lost wages.

You don’t have to go through this! All you need is an experienced and knowledgeable attorney that will help you provide a solution to your cases and get the maximum benefits from your legal claim.

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Immediately you get injured at your workplace, the first thing you are to do is to contact your supervisor or boss and let them know.

Not letting them know can deny you the chance to get your workers comp to benefit on time.

Work accident can occur in different ways on the job; some examples are:

  • Neck and Back injury
  • Emotional and mental strain
  • Head injury
  • Knee, ankle and foot injury.
  • Shoulder, elbow, wrist and Hand injury

The whole act of being injured at work can be a fearful and intimidating process for an employee, combined with the fear of being sack.

Under the California Law, it is illegal to fire an employee for taking time off to treat and recover from a work injury. You will need the full support of your doctors in a workers’ compensation benefits because you will need them to verify the nature and extent of your work injury.

You need to act fast if you want to get the maximum financial benefits from your claim, and also get immediate medical treatments, which will accelerate your recovery process.

Acting Fast, also enable you to get your lost income due to the inability to work as usual.

Below is some common workplace injury:

Physical: Physical injury is one of the common types of a workplace injury that is sustained in the course of employment.

Physical injuries can be inflicted as a result of doing your daily duties (such as electric shock or mistakenly stepping on a nail), injuries can be sustained as a result from other people’s actions (such as car accidents on work site), and so on.

Occupational Illness: Occupational illness is another sort of work-related injury. Occupation illness comprises all of the illness that occurred as a result of your work.

Wear and Tear Injuries: This is another type of work-related job, that entitles you to a workers’ compensation payment. Tear and wear injuries are any form of injuries that occur as a result of repeating stress over a duration of time. If you are sustained a work accident or work injury, it better you act fast to protect your right and get the benefits you deserved.

There are many instances that employer denies that the injury is work-related. Below are some scenarios where injuries sustained at work are not considered and work-related.

1. When the employee is present in the work environment as a member of the public rather than an employee, as of the time of the injury.
2. When the injury surfaced at work, but the cause of the injury is not work-related or occur outside the work environment.

3. The injury or illness is caused by participating in voluntary activities, exercise class, racquetball or baseball.

4. When the injury is as a result of an employee’s food consumption and drinking.

5. The injury is as a result of the employee engagement in personal activities that is unrelated with work.

6. If the injury is as a result of self-medication, personal grooming or intentionally inflicted on self.

7. When the injury is caused in the workplace car park while commuting to work or from work.

8. When the employee is plagued by common diseases like cold, flu, and so on.

To know whether your injury is work related and it is eligible for benefits.

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You have a better chance of getting timely and maximum benefits when you are represented by workers compensation attorney (like us).

When you are ready to take action and get a massive result, let us help you get your Maximum benefits from your Insurance companies.

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We have a team of dedicated, professional and highly experienced work injury attorney.
The California law made the provision for workers’ compensation benefits to protect all workers that got injured in the line of duty.

The benefits are yours by Law, and you deserve to have your befitting benefits, immediately you notice a work injury, report it.

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What our Work injury Attorney Can offer in Benefits

As a worker that is injured at the workplace, there are many benefits attached to the workers’ compensation claim that our lawyer work injury attorney can help you maximise.

Below are some of the benefits attached to work-related injuries, but remember to get accurate and current information combined with counselling about your situation, you need a work injury attorney.

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Our professional workers’ injury attorney and learned legal professionals at LG Law firm will give you more information.

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Benefit 1: Medical Benefits

Your employers are meant to pay for the necessary medical expenses that are related to work accident and work injury.

The payments are meant to be unlimited and no deductible. This payment is made directly to the health care provider. This payment covered the cost to treat work injury, caused and sustained as a result of working for your employer.

Filing for workers’ compensations, you are entitled to medical coverage, a medical coverage covers all the cost involved in treating till recovery of the employee that sustained an injury in the office.

The medical coverage encompasses all fees to be paid, during the course of treating an employee that is involved in a work accident. These fees include drugs fee, nurse fee, physical therapy, Lab test fee, doctor consultation fee, and so on.

The employer/insurance company are mandated to continue to pay the medical expenses until the employee recovered fully from the injury or illness. The medical coverage does not have a limit, and it is deductibles.

You are entitled to medical benefits for your medical treatment immediately after reporting your work injury to your supervisor or boss as the case may be, even while the claim is still after an investigation.

The insurance company are expected to pay a fee of up to $10,000 of your medical costs.

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Benefit 2: Temporarily Disability Benefit

As an employee that sustain a work injury, you are entitled to temporary disability benefits, when a doctor has verified that you won’t be able of working for something because of the injury suffered at the workplace.

The temporary disability payment will be activated when a worker that sustain work injury misses works consecutively for three days unless the employee is hospitalised or absent from work for fourteen days.

The temporary disability payments are mostly the two-thirds of the employee average weekly salary.

The average salary is calculated as the amount you are earning (before tax) at the time of the work injury, this also involves wage from other jobs, overtimes and another source of income.

In sometimes, temporarily disability payment can stop, then later start again because the injury might be recurring.

An employee that sustain an injury at the workplace is entitled to temporary disability benefits for up to 728 days (104 weeks) in the duration of 5 years from the time of your injury. The only exception to this rule is those that are suffering from severe health conditions like Hepatitis B, HIV, and so on.

Benefit 3: Permanent Disability Benefits

During the course of working for your employer or as a result of your job, if you ever suffer an accident, injury or illness that leads to permanent damage which renders you not being able to discharge your duty as before you are injured.

If a doctor can verify the permanent damage, then you are entitled to permanent disability benefits. The permanent disability benefits are designed to compensate workers that sustained injury as a result of working for your employer, most times this injury may lead to loss of income and inability to work.

For you to be able to claim permanent disability Benefits, a doctor must have verified the injury, the severity of the injury and that the injury will prevent you from working fully either on a partial basis or fully.

The doctor has to say that your medical condition is permanent and stationary, with no hope of getting better in a short time whether or not there is medical treatment.

Once you are validated by a doctor, a disability rating will be assigned to you which serves as an indicator of the severity of your condition combines with your occupation and age.

Benefit 4: Death Benefits

It is quite unfortunate and sad that death occurs as a result of work-related injury. In a situation, where a member of a family died as a result of a work accident, the dependents of the family are entitled to death benefits.

Death benefits are paid when a work accident or disease happened that leads to the death of an employee. The death benefits claims are made by dependents of the deceased to receive the death benefits payments.

There is a rigid rule concerning filing for death benefits, you need both experiences, and knowledge of a good worker injury attorney, to be able to file a workers’ comp death benefit claim.

Only the relatives that are dependent on the deceased worker are qualified to file for death benefits. The eligible relative includes; the children, siblings, spouse, grandparents and so on.

The dependents of the late worker are expected to file for death benefits claim in less 240 weeks to the death of the worker and within a year of the deceased work injury or work accident.

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