Supplemental job displacement benefits (SJDB) are used by injured workers to help them train for a new job or career. To receive SJDB for injuries that occurred on or after January 1, 2013, you must meet the following criteria:

  • you suffered from a job-related injury and filed a workers’ compensation claim that was approved
  • you have a permanent partial disability as a result of your injury
  • your employer has not offered you regular, modified, or alternative work that meets certain requirements

If you meet all of these criteria, you may qualify for a SJDB voucher, which can be used to pay for training at a California public school or other educational provider approved by the state.

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What SDJB Vouchers Are Used For

Employees with all levels of permanent partial disability will receive SJDB vouchers of $6,000. These vouchers can be used for training, education, certification, testing fees, and materials required for educational courses. Up to $1,000 can be used to purchase computer equipment, and $500 can be used for miscellaneous expenses. Up to $600 can be used to pay for a vocational counselor.

A vocational return-to-work counselor (VRTWC) is an expert who can help you choose a training program that is a good fit for you abilities and medical restrictions. You are not required to use a VRTWC, but you should strongly consider it if you are unsure about what training program is best for you.


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What to Do if Your Employer Offers You Work

If your employer offers you work that meets certain requirements, you will not be eligible for SJDB, whether or not you accept the work that is offered. Your employer must offer you work that meets the following conditions:

  • you have the ability to perform the job (it does not violate your medical work restrictions)
  • the job is a regular position lasting at least 12 months
  • the job offers wages that are at least 85 percent of your wages at the time of your injury
  • the job is located within a reasonable commuting distance to your residence at the time of the injury

If you do not want to accept the work, keep in mind that you will not be eligible for SDJB. However, if you believe the work offered violates your work restrictions, you should talk to a workers’ compensation attorney about your legal rights.

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