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Involved in personal injury? Then hiring a personal injury attorney is a luxury you must afford if you want to get compensation for your personal injury.

Though you need a personal injury attorney, just an attorney won’t cut it. You need an attorney that’s knowledgeable in the matter of the law concerning personal injury and have experience of negotiating with the insurance company, with a track record of getting maximum benefits from insurance companies.

At LG Law, we have experienced personal injury attorneys that have negotiated with all the Insurance Companies in Los Angeles. Our personal attorneys have been able to recover 25 million in compensation for our clients.

We have a combined 100 years of experience to combat any case of personal injury even though if you have been turned down by other law firms.

Delay is dangerous! As soon as you get injured, you should hire a personal injury lawyer before it is too late. The earlier you apply for compensation, the better your chances of getting a befitting compensation and the urgent medical treatment you need to prevent the injury from having a devastating impact on your life.

Delay in hiring a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles will only deter your chances of getting maximum benefits from the compensation filed, deter you from getting the medical cares you need and also, the validity of your injury will be called into question.

At LG Law, our personal injury attorneys only charge when you get paid. No upfront fee, until we are able to get you the maximum benefits from your compensation case. Top rated Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

When you get paid, we get paid; if you don’t get pay, we too don’t get pay.

We do this because we are only interested in your total well being; physically, emotionally and most importantly financially.

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We Handle Most Injuries

At LG Law, our personal injury attorney in Los Angeles handle most personal injuries that you might be involved. Below are some of the most popular form of personal injuries that we handle at LG Law firm in Los Angeles.
Car Accidents: There is numerous car in Los Angeles. Majority of residents in Los Angeles owned at least one car, and most individuals have more than one car.

Anywhere there are cars, a Car accident can occur at any time, and Los Angeles is no different, car accidents occur on a daily basis. Many people do get injured in this accidents; some as a passenger, driver or just bystanders.

Regardless of your condition and who you are, we can help you get maximum compensation no matter where, when and how the car accidents occurred.

LG Law firm has helped victims of auto accidents in Los Angeles and we can help you also.

Either you are the one driving while the accident happened, or you are just a passenger in the car, maybe you are riding your bike and you are hit by a car – No matter your case we can help.

We have an aim to help you recovered quickly from any car injury you might have suffered. We provide you with the best medical attention combine with other elements of your case.

Pedestrian Accidents: Pedestrians too do get involved in accidents, most are hit by moving vehicles when walking on the street or crossing the road. The victims of this accidents do suffer great injuries causing immense pain because the cars are usually faster and heavy.

A lot of pedestrians thinks it is their fault for the injuries, maybe if they have looked right left one more time before crossing or walk a little faster while crossing they won’t have been involved in an accident.

These emotional tumours do prevent them from hiring a personal injury attorney.

We understand what you are going through as a victim, let us help you.

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Medical Malpractice:

Healthcare providers are not immune to mistakes, they are human like us and they too do makes mistakes. If you have been harmed due a mistake by a doctor or nurses – we will help you get the adequate compensation you need. These we will do by first carrying out a full investigation into their conduct to determine if they carry out all their operations according to the set standard of care or they deviate from it. Then we will build a case from there, to get you maximum benefits that will compensate you for the injury.

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Slip and Fall:

Do you slip or fall on another person’s property? Is the property the cause of the fall or slip?

If you answer yes to both questions, then you have a case.

Property owners are tasked with the duty to ensure that they provide a responsible and safe property conditions for those that are on the property.

If when as you slip or fall, you become injured, then you need a personal injury law firm.

At LG Law we will conduct a detailed investigation to determine if the property is safe or not for those that are on the property.

We then put together a personal injury claim that shows that the owner of the property has not been taking good care of it making it unsafe for those that are on the property, and because of the owner responsibility, you have been injured.

At the end of the day, we will get you the maximum benefits from the personal injury claims, which will serve as a compensation for your personal injuries.

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Construction Accidents:

Construction can be very dangerous. When you are injured on a construction site as a result of; unsafe working environments or defects in the machinery available on sites. Then you are entitled to compensation. Call us today at… We will offer you a free consultation.

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Premise Accidents:

Call us Now! If you sustain an injury while on someone else’s premise, we will help you get the maximum benefits you deserve.

If the injury is due to the wet floor or cracked floors, Then you need to call us to discuss how best we will help you get your compensation.

When you call, you get a free consultation with the best law firm in Los Angeles.

Upon Investigation of the incident, if you have a case, then we will help you get a deserved benefits, to compensate for your injuries.

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Defective Products:

Manufacturers are mandated to produces safe and reliable products that are safe to use. Sometimes manufacturers failed in their attempt to do this, leading to injuries to the end user. If you are injured as a result of unsafe products, then you need a personal injury attorney.

Call us today, you will get a free consultation which is enough to let you know whether or not you have a case.

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Everyone knows that insurance companies make money from denying personal injury claims.

They try as much as possible to deny, hinder and limit your claim and give you a penny for your personal injury claim.

You give them an upper hand when you speak to them without a personal injury attorney; you have no leverage on them, in fact, you are at a disadvantage.

The only things that can make them play fair are the knowledge of the Law pertaining to personal injury, and when you are without a personal injury attorney. You are at a disadvantage.

Majority of victims of personal injury don’t know the law concerning personal injury, talkless of filing for personal injury.

The Insurance Companies are fully aware of these so they play games with you to downplay your chances of getting compensation for your personal injuries.

Many victims have to settle for less compensation, just because they don’t know the worth of their claim.

Don’t be Part of them! Call 1(888)901-5240 today to know the worth of your claim.

Do you know that you can ask for future and/or past payment of medical bills? You don’t right? You are not alone, many victims don’t know too. You can even ask them to include the future wage lost in your final settlement/verdicts.

When you contact us, we first conduct a full-scale investigation to ensure we have enough evidence to nail the case.

With a personal injury attorney by your side, Insurance Companies will sit up and take you more seriously, because they know that you now have someone that knows the Law and is ready to let the case go to court if that will be necessary for you to get a befitting compensation.

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What should you do after an injury?

The steps you take immediately after a personal injury can be the differences between life and death, and that is why it is more important than the injury itself. Your claim validity will be questioned if there is no proper validity and without you informing the authorities about your injury.

There are some things you can do immediately after an injury to give your claims a solid stand.

It’s advisable to take proper note of the environments that the injury occurred. If possible take pictures to documents what happened. The pictures will serve as evidence in a situation where the case get to trials, and the more evidence you have, the more solid your claim is. So, therefore, take as many pictures as possible including pictures of the injury you sustained.

Also, if you are chance, write down all the specifics details and information you might need like the location, time and date, the weather and so on. Getting a witness on the spot of your injury will boost your claim tremendously.

When you are able to get a witness that corroborate your stories to the law enforcement agents present, then you have a higher chance of getting your compensation.

After getting all these, you are to take the notes, pictures and recording of witness report to an experienced personal injury law firm (like ours) Immediately.

After these, getting medical attention is paramount and very important after your injury. This will help you create an official medical record for your injuries – the medical report will prove that the injury is an outcome of the accident.

What if my injury is minor?

Most injuries start small at first, then escalates as time goes on. A lot of people avoid getting treatment and legal help because they think their injuries are only small.

But the majority of the time the pains and injuries get worse.

The sign and symptoms of some injuries are hidden as a result of an adrenaline rush, but as the adrenaline reduces the pain of the injury will overpower them.
It is important that you seek medical attention immediately you start feeling the pain, to make sure you are safe.
It will be helpful to talk to an attorney to get more information about your situation and what you are entitled to.

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Where are we located?

At LG Law firm, we have offices all over California; San Diego, Ontario, Los Angeles, Glendale and Irvine.

You either drive to us, we drive to you or we send you an Uber.

If you want to drive to our Los Angeles office. It is close to Chase bank, Metrolink and Takami Sushi. The address is:
601 S Figueroa St,
#4050, Los Angeles,
CA 90017.

Call 1(888)901-5240, we drive to you or send you an Uber.

What is Personal Injury Attorney Can offer in Benefits?

The California compensation system for personality injury is complex and complicated, because of the complexity of the system you need a Los Angeles Personal Injury attorney to help you get the benefits you deserved.

At LG Law, we have helped hundreds of thousands of clients get maximum benefits from their personal injury claim.

Our professional personal injury team can help you decided the benefits you are eligible for, and help you get it.

Call LG Law at 1(888)901-5240 to know the benefits you are eligible for.

At, LG Law Firm, our personal injury attorney can help you get the following benefits:

Benefit 1: Income support payments.

For the first six months, it doesn’t matter who caused the accident.

Do you know, if you are injured in auto accidents for the first six months, it doesn’t matter who caused the accident, You are entitled to an income support payments for the six months?

The income support payments are to compensate you for the part of the income you might lose as a result of your injury. These payments can help in settling your bills, while you work on getting better.

The income support payments are calculated as a percentage of your earnings before the accident.

You can get up to 95% for the first 13 weeks, then after 14 weeks it will reduce, and the maximum will be 85%( this will be determined on whether you have a partial loss or total loss of your capacity to earn).

Majority of people that sustain personal injury do recover within six months. After six months the income support payments will end if you are at fault for the accidents or your injury is considered as ‘minor’ according to the Law.

There must evidence to prove that you have loss of earning capacity and must have filed for damages to be able to continue receiving payments for two years.

Benefit 2: Medical Expenses

When injured you don’t need to file for a claim before you received treatment for your personal injury.

As soon as you informed the necessary authority about your injury, you will be given a chance to two treatments session by the GP visit, all this without required documentation.

If the two treatment session won’t be enough for your full recovery. Then you need to file for personal injury benefits.

Benefit 3: Employment and Support Allowance

This is to compensate for the period you will be unable to work. It is meant to replace the incapacity benefits.

Employment and support allowance is only available to those that are self-employed and means-tests is not applicable here. The rate at which the allowance is paid differ from individuals to individuals depending on the period an individual has been out of work, and the impact of the accident on the victim ability to work

Benefit 4: Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

This benefit is for only those that are seriously injured, and those the injury affects their ability to work.

Those that have been seriously injured qualified for the care and/or mobility aspect of DLA, especially when the injury is serious and its affect your ability to work.

About Us

LG Law is a top-notch, Los Angeles bankruptcy, workers’ compensation and personal injury law firm. We help our clients get the compensation they deserve in all of their cases.

We have a culture of excellence, and we are a result driven Law firm in Los Angeles with a success rate of 99% over a 12, 000 combined legal cases across different field such as bankruptcy, workers’ compensation and personal injury.

We have a team of dedicated and experienced work injury attorney that is experienced in taking cases to trial.

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Our team of professional and learned attorney have a coined years of 100 years experience, that’s 100 years experience in helping our clients get the maximum benefits they deserved.

We offer clients a Get treatment with no money out of pocket. We never charge upfronts fees, we get paid only when you get paid.LG law is the best law firm in the whole of Los Angeles. We are a specialist in all cases regarding workers’ competition, bankruptcy, and personal injury.

LG Law firm was established in 1999 to provide our clients with the best legal service couple with professional customer services that are guaranteed to get you the maximum benefits out of all your legal cases.

LG law was founded in 1999, with the aim of getting our clients the best they deserve in all their personal injury case.

We provide unrivalled customer service to all our clients no matter their situation. We offer free consultations to every of our client. Our offices are situated in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Ontario and throughout California.

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We are the number one choice for all your workplace injury in Los Angeles.

With a team of over 30 experienced, learned work injury attorneys and legal professional with a single mission “to provide our clients with maximum benefits from their personal injury claim”.

We have taken it upon ourselves to provide our clients with the best legal service available in Los Angeles and its environments.

We provide our clients with hope and guidance during their process of filing for personal injury claims.

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Are you still asking, why us?

Because we are the best in what we do, and that is getting our clients the maximum benefits they deserve from every of their legal case.

No Law firm in Los Angeles can match our of professionalism and high-quality service in any legal case especially in work injury and work accident, bankruptcy, personal injury and workers’ compensation.

We treat our clients with the most superior customer services because we believe that each of our clients deserved the best irrespective of their situation.

We offer guidance to our clients to get the maximum benefits from their injury.

We also help in choosing your doctor for the verification process, and our work injury attorney will get you a voucher peradventure you are not able to return to yours.

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“I’ve received $400,000.00 through a Compromise and Release in addition to Medical Treatment for Life!”
-Mr. Rojas

“My insurance company wanted to close the case without the possibility of future medical treatment. LG LAW allowed me to continue seeking necessary medical treatment paid by the insurance company.”
– Mr. Avalos

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