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When you suffered an injury at work, the Los Angeles workers’ compensation laws help people that sustain a work injury.

The employer of the injured worker is required to foot the bill of the employee necessary medical expenses, but many employee dont know this.

If your employer is not ready to foot your bill, then you need a Los Angeles workers injury attorney now!!!

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knowing your rights as an employee under the worker’s protection law when injured is crucial.

Many workers are afraid of being fired when they file for workers compensation. The law (California workers’ compensation laws) protect employees from any form of retaliation from your employers, even when you are totally at fault or partially at fault for injury caused.

With the help of an experienced workers compensation attorneys, that is knowledgeable in the law and has versed experience in dealing with the insurance company.

At LG Law, we have experience in dealing with all Insurance companies in California and obtaining a substantial amount in the process.

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Do you know that your employer is obligated by the worker’s compensation law to have a workers compensation insurance and pay benefits when they suffered an injury at work?

Understanding the legal processed involved, you might not be able to obtain any benefits from your employers.

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At LG Law, we have experience in dealing with the most popular types of workers’ compensation, disputes such as

  • They (Your employer) doesn’t believe that illness/injury is work-related.
  • Your employer doesn’t believe you need a necessary medical treatment.
  • Lack of clarity between what is your functional limitations by you, your doctor and employer.
  • You worked as an employee though you are an independent contractor, still, your employer believes you don’t deserve workers compensation settlement for a job-related injury.

We at LG Law know that the Insurance Companies can be very intimidating, that is why you need a very good attorney to help you combat the insurance companies.

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What Our Workers Compensation Attorneys Can offer in Benefits

Workers’ compensation offers many benefits to those that claimed it. Below are of the benefits on workers compensation as a result of a work injury.

To get more detail and personalised information about chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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Benefits 1: Medical Benefits

Your employer is obligated to pay for your necessary medical expenses related to the work-related injury.

Medical benefits are meant to be unlimited with no deductible. The payments are made to the health care provider directly, the payment covered all form of cost related to the treatment of illness or injury caused and sustained as a result of working for the employer.

When you file for workers’ compensations you get a medical coverage, which covers all the cost of treating a sick employee as a result of working for the company.

The medical coverages include all payment charged based on treating patients for an occupational illness or injury, which includes; medication, physical therapy, fees for doctor visits, nurse fee, medical diagnostic tests and so on.

The medical coverage does not have a limit and deductibles. The medical coverage covers the period until the employee is fully recovered from the illness or injury.

After reporting your illness or injury to your employer in Los Angeles and filing a workers’ comp claim, you are entitled to medical benefits for your medical treatment.

Once you file the workers’ comp claim, the insurance company is expected to shoulder up to $10, 000 of your medical costs, even while the claim is still investigated.

Benefit 2: Temporary Disability Benefits

You are entitled to temporary disability benefits when it is verified by a doctor that won’t be able to work for a while because of work-related illness or injury.

Temporary disability payment will start after missing work consecutively for 3 days unless you are hospitalised or absent from work for more 14 days.

The aim of temporary disability payment is to serve as compensation for any form of wage loss during the period you are not able to perform the necessary function of your job.

The Temporary disability payments are two-thirds of your average weekly salary.

The average wage is the pre-tax gross amount that you are earning at the time of the injury, which includes wages from other jobs, the market value of job perk, overtime and other incomes.

There is room for temporary disability to stop and start again due to the fact that illness and injury can be recurring.

You as an employee is entitled to temporary disability benefits for up to 104 weeks within a period of five years from the time you were first injured. The only exception with this rule is when an employee is suffering from serious conditions like Hepatitis B, HIV, and so on.

Benefit 3: Permanent Disability Benefits.

Permanent disability benefits are designed to compensate workers that suffered a work-related injury, for the income they might lose due to their inability to work.

If there is any permanent damage that has been incurred on you, which render you not able to fully discharge your duty as a result of work-related illness or injury, and it is verified by a doctor. Then you are entitled to permanent disability benefits.

You will not be able to claim permanent disability benefits until the doctor declared your medical condition permanent and stationary with no hope of you getting better soon either with treatment or without more treatment.

After the validation by a doctor, you will be given a permanent disability rating, the rating is arrived at by considering your occupation and age, along with your medical condition.

Benefit 4: Death Benefits

In the case when death occurred as a result of work-related illness or injury, the dependents of the employee are entitled to death benefits.

There is a strict rule about filing for deaths benefits claim, so you need an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to file a workers’ comp death benefits claim.

The dependents that are qualified to receive the death benefits are those relatives that are completely or partially dependent on the deceased worker. The eligible relatives include; children, adopted children, stepchildren, grandparents, in-laws, spouses, parent, siblings and so on.

Dependents are to file for a death benefits claim with a year of the deceased worker as a result of the work-related injury illness or injury. At most they (the dependents) should file a death benefits claim not more than 240 weeks of the death of the worker.

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