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Car accidents can happen in an instant. Countless people all over California are involved in a car accident every day that may leave them badly injured, unable to work.. or worse. This forces them to go through the legal process and oftentimes, you may not know who to turn to for help in these tough situations. When you are stuck having to deal with a car accident, it’s very important that you seek aid from a car accident attorney. An experienced car accident attorney can help you obtain the financial compensation you deserve.

LG LAW has some of the top car accident lawyers. All of our car accident attorneys and legal assistants on our team have the knowledge and experience to handle any and all kinds of car accident cases including but not limited to: auto accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, personal injury and/or wrongful death cases. We have a combined experience of car accident attorneys and legal assistants of over 100 years which gives us an edge over other firms in Southern California. In 2017 alone, we paid our clients $2,353,000 in medical treatments. Our car accident attorneys have provided our previous clients with the highest possible compensation and we could do the same for you! Top Injury Lawyer in Ontario CA

We put our clients first. Our car accident lawyers stop at nothing to provide you, our valued clients, with the highest customer service and satisfaction. We will handle everything. Our car accident attorneys do all the “dirty work” from filling out and submitting vital documents regarding your case to contacting any parties and insurance companies that may be involved. Our car accident lawyers hold core values of honesty, reliability and trust. Car accidents can cause trauma and injury and as attorneys, we understand this without question.

Unfortunately, the typical reason for a car accident is that oftentimes, somebody else was breaking the law and not following safety regulations and because of that, you have to suffer the consequences of their actions. We know this is unfair, so our car accident lawyers fight for the compensation that you deserve. LG l Law does its absolute best to make sure your case is processed quickly and that you receive the largest compensation possible. We understand this can be a tough process as a client because of your possible injuries and lack of transportation so we do our best to provide you with the support you need as we find out “what’s next”.

Hiring a law firm that is known and respected for their 5-star customer service and having car accident attorneys that truly care about your case is always better than hiring a huge, commercial law firm that will not pay attention to your individual needs. At LG LAW, we will provide you with the best car accident lawyer to fight and ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.


The laws associated with personal injury provide people who are injured with quintessential rights, however, those rights can “expire” by taking too long to contact a car accident attorney  to file your claim. The witness can forget what they saw and possible substantial evidence may be lost if you take too long to report your accident to a car accident lawyer or firm. When you delay too long to file your claim, the statute of limitations can catch up to you and you could lose thousands of dollars of potential compensation.

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“The attorneys at LG LAW helped me get out of debt completely which was beyond anything I could’ve hoped for. They truly are staffed with knowledge and experience..!”
– James F 2016 Client

“They have 5 locations and if that didn’t stand out to you. They’re willing to have a driver drive out to you… Excellent Service Conrad. ”
– Grace P 2016 client

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  • Our fee is a percentage of the compensation collected from your case that is only paid if we are successful in concluding your case and provide you with the settlement you deserve. All capital needed to prove the facts and evidence by your case are advanced and if there is no money compensated for your case then you owe us nothing – it’s that simple.
  • We investigate your entitlement to other possible benefits such as compensation from “collateral sources” and if a structured settlement is right for you.
  • For cases with serious injuries, there is a “special needs trust”
  • When handling an auto accident case, we will provide support for your auto damage needs and help you find a well-priced rental car for the time being to help you get back on your feet after a debilitating accident.