If you suffer an injury at your job, report it to your supervisor or employer, and seek medical treatment. California’s worker’s compensation laws protect workers that are hurt while working, and your employer is legally required to pay for your necessary medical expenses.

Some workers do not know what rights they have when they are hurt while working. They may worry that their employer will fire them or otherwise retaliate against them for filing a claim for workers’ compensation. California law protects you for any retaliation in these situations, and you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, even if you are fully or partially at fault for the accident that caused your injury.

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When you suffer an injury at work, you need an experienced workers compensation attorney on your side who knows the law and has experience in dealing with your employer’s insurance company. We have dealt with ALL insurance companies in California and obtained large settlements for our clients. Here are the following steps.

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Disputes Related to Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Your employer is legally required to have workers’ compensation insurance and pay benefits for job-related injuries. However, there are a number of situations where disputes can arise, and you will need to understand the legal processes that are used to decide how much you receive in benefits, or whether you receive any medical benefits at all.

Some common disputes related to workers’ compensation benefits include:


“I’ve received $400,000.00 through a Compromise and Release in addition to Medical Treatment for Life!”
-Mr. Rojas

“My insurance company wanted to close the case without the possibility of future medical treatment. LG LAW allowed me to continue seeking necessary medical treatment paid by the insurance company.”
– Mr. Avalos

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Any decision related to workers’ compensation benefits has particularly requirements for how it can be reviewed or contested. You may have a limited amount of time to have some decisions reviewed.


For assistance with your workers’ compensation claim, consult with an experience California workers’ compensation attorney to make sure you get the maximum amount of benefits you are entitled to under California law.


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