If you have been injured at work, it’s imperative to tell your supervisor or boss right away. Click here to find out how quickly you can receive workers’ compensation benefits. Not doing so will put your opportunity to receive compensation for workers comp benefits at risk. Making sure that your occupational illness or injury is known by your employers is one of the most important steps of the workers comp process. If your injured and can’t do the same job. There is a supplemental job displacement benefit that you might want to read about.

There are many ways you can be injured on the job, some examples of work related injury are…

To read about work restrictions after an injury click on this link https://lglawoffices.com/workers-compensation/work-restrictions-injury/

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When you suffer an injury at work, you need an experienced injury attorney on your side who knows the law and has experience in dealing with your employer’s insurance company. We have dealt with ALL insurance companies in California and obtained large settlements for our clients. Here are the following steps.

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Being injured on the job can be a tough and stressful process.

Many workers are fearful that their employers will fire them for taking time off, however, it is illegal to fire an employee for taking time off to recover from a workplace injury. Your doctor will play a very strong roll in your workers compensation claims. They will determine the extent of your injury and what you can and can’t do while injured. Click here to read how to calculate workers compensation benefits https://lglawoffices.com/workers-compensation/average-wages-calculated-workers-compensation-benefits/

  • Determine that you cannot return to work at all while recovering from your injury.
  • Give you a reduced, altered or modified work schedule
  • Deem that you need specific accommodations to be able to return to work
  • State that although you’re healthy enough to be able to return to work, he/she will send a report to your claims administrator describing what job tasks you must avoid while recovering.


“I’ve received $400,000.00 through a Compromise and Release in addition to Medical Treatment for Life!”
-Mr. Rojas

“My insurance company wanted to close the case without the possibility of future medical treatment. LG LAW allowed me to continue seeking necessary medical treatment paid by the insurance company.”
– Mr. Avalos

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Your employer will then have the option to allow you to work within the stated work restrictions. If they don’t have the power to be able to offer you modified work, they can offer you supplemental job benefits which may be used to prepare you for your new career. Your employer can’t threaten you of losing your job in any way. You have rights protecting you from any kind of employer retaliation or possible discrimination that could further provide you benefits in your workers compensation claim. Don’t let your employer tell you no or trick you into believing that you cannot file a claim for your injury. Let an educated, honest and successful lawyer guide you in this process and fight for the benefits and settlement that you deserve.  

It’s easy to schedule an appointment with one of our injury attorney’s here at LG LAW. You can navigate through our homepage and schedule a free consultation and be able to talk to one of our representatives right over the phone. If you can’t drive because of your injury or simply don’t want to, our driver, Conrad, will pick you up from your home or we will even pay for your uber! Never has filing a claim and seeking justice for your injuries been so easy.

If you have been injured on the job and are looking for experienced, knowledgeable attorneys who will fight for your right to workers comp benefits, make an appointment today!